There are so many things I love about wedding photography. Weddings are always joyous occasions and so of course one of the best things about photographing a wedding is being surrounded by happy, relaxed and well-dressed people!

I love being around people and so the social interaction between the couple, guests and myself is a lovely part of the job too. The different characters I meet through weddings is diverse and makes every wedding unique and exciting.

But the best part for me is the reportage photography. I will always do all of the posed photos that are required and of course I enjoy doing these, but the freedomthat reportage photography allows is a lot of fun. It really is the ultimate ‘people watching’!

The sorts of ‘poses’, hand gestures and facial expressions you are able to capture when your subject doesn’t know you are photographing them really are priceless. You would never be able to recreate that and these photos mean so much to the bride and groom because they can see the personality of their friends and family through the photos, and can see all of the funny, happy and romantic moments that happened throughout their wedding whether they witnessed it happening on the day or not.

I want the bride and groom and family to be able to look back on their wedding photos in years to come and feel what it felt like on that day and remember the little things that happened as well as the big things. Mixing reportage photography with the traditional posed photography allows for this and it makes me happy that I am able to do this for people.