I often find myself reflecting of the past year when the New Year arrives. And although we are now a good couple of weeks into 2015 I thought it would be nice to share with you our highs from the last year.  Yes, we had a couple of lows too as every individual and business does from time to time, but we picked ourselves up and moved on from them and have chosen to remember the positives and build 2015 from there!  

2014 saw the beginning of a whole lot of new things for us. We booked our first wedding show….and then we booked our second, third and fourth! We also got our social media together so that we could share our journey, thoughts and inspiration on a daily basis! Who knew that pinning could be so addictive?!  We attended a lighting course in London to learn some new skills that we could incorporate into our weddings and we planned our first portfolio shoot in a long time in order to practice some new techniques we were itching to try out! We also photographed a stunning wedding at a venue we have been longing to photograph at for a long time because it really is just so beautiful – Yes Cannizaro House, we are talking about you!

  It really has been eventful with weddings and the development of our little business 🙂 But wait, there is more! We have begun photographing corporate headshot in our studio with incredible feedback and referrals from clients. And for 2015 we hope to launch a new venture organising group photography of children at their schools around Surrey and South West London too! We couldn’t be more excited at our journey so far and where it will take us. Weddings have always been and will always be our passion and priority but it certainly is fun to delve into other genres of photography too! As long as we get to photograph people and create something special for them then we are more than happy  🙂

  Joseph Tufo phtography