Our glorious studio garden!

          Everyone has something that relaxes them whether it’s yoga, running, watching films….well Joe’s way of chilling out is by looking after his impressive collection of  Bonsai Trees. Taking pride of place in the studio garden right now is  the very beautiful 1925 Japanese ,Satsuki Azalea in all it blooming glory. I took […]

Our client has just been on ‘Sunday Brunch’!


We are really excited to announce that our recent client Joe Wicks has been on Sunday Brunch recently with Rick Edwards and Danny Dyer! It’s going to be available on 4OD for another 3 weeks so do check it out if you’re interested in what Joe does which is all about getting healthy and fit […]

More headshots!

corporate headshot taken in Joseph Tufo Photography studio in Epsom of local nutritionalist

This morning we welcomed Claire into our studio. After a nervous start (and lets face it – photo shoots are always a little nerve wracking to begin with!) Claire really came to life and was looking relaxed and fabulous! Claire wanted some professional but relaxed headshot for her business website and we think that we […]