So many of the future bride and grooms from last weekends wedding fair were really interested in our alternative pop up photo booth that we offer for weddings! So we thought we would tell you all about it too. It’s a super fun experience that we set up after the 1st dance where our professional camera is set up on a tripod with a studio backdrop and a big box full of fun props to dress up in! The photo then gets printed large on high quality paper their and then OR bought as a digital file to use online!

It’s a unique version of the typical photobooth that you may have seen at recent weddings (like a fun version of a passport photobooth) and we have found that our couples and their guest have loved the experience since we introduced it! And the plus point about our version is that we are using an incredibly high quality camera and printing paper so you it’s it’s the best possible quality!

photobooth at a wedding in surrey by joseph tufo