So when it comes to wedding planning, theres a few things you need to organise. These days, people love to get down to the finest details themselves when ti comes to the planning; the venue(/s), the Photographer (ahem), the decorations and the cake. But how do you chose your cake decorations, flavours and size, all whilst keeping to your budget.  

Real Simple have a little chat with an industry professional regarding tips with the cake. The only thing we find a bit of conflict is they say to choose 5 flavours otherwise it can be overwhelming, yet the professional says the favourite cake is a “vanilla-sour cream cake with peach-apricot preserves and milk chocolate-Earl Grey buttercream”. To us, using our fingers to count, that makes 6 flavours. But we are sure it still is very nice!

Photo by Maggie Austin LaBaugh
Wedding Cake from Real Simple Post

Bride Box also have 6 tips to help you with your wedding cake. This one is a bit more straightforward but just reiterates what you should be thinking and kind of puts it into a timeline of the process. One thing that is maybe looked over is doing the research of the bakery. Ask friends and family if they know any, or do a google research of local bakeries. You don’t want to find an image of a cake you love and realise they are too far away; maybe you do as you are willing to pay that for the right person. But it’s good to know who can offer you what.

Photo Credit: Indulge Bakery
Wedding Cake Tasting from Bride Box Post

Lastly, maybe you’re one person who wants to do it yourself. As One Fab Day mention, the possible reasons are that you are the best baker, to make it personal or you just want to save money. One to think about is about the time planning of baking your own cake, and the experience of baking something like this.

Photo Credit: Greg Finck and Lani Elias
Wedding Cakes from One Fab Day

So if you are looking at your wedding cake for the big day then are you looking to make it yourself or are you looking for someone else to create the masterpiece. If you are doing it yourself, then how much practice have you had at big cakes. Have you thought about the actual baking hours, storage and transport. If someone else is making it, have you looked at bakeries? You need to go for flavours that you enjoy, it’s your day! Don’t go overboard with them, and have a tasting session to see if it will work altogether. Choose a style that reflects you, as well as how you want the day to be. If you are someone who loves films/games but wants a classy wedding cake, then why not plan a cake that incorporates this all.

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