Here at Joseph Tufo Photography, we are Canon Users. Joe has the Canon 5D MK III along with the original 1D’s, Emy (Joe’s original assistant who is off travelling the world) is a Canon User, and Oli is a Canon User too. That’s just our preferences, but Nikon, along with other companies, still provide great products.  

Canon have just announced the new Canon 1D x Mark II, to which some people believe is long overdue, along with possible announcements of a 5D Mark IV and a 6D Mark II. In the time that Canon have spent not pushing the boundaries, Sony have heavily pushed the Mirrorless camera systems with their Sony A7S and Sony A7S II, and Nikon revealing the D5 prior to Canon’s 1D X Mark II.


We’ve heard a lot of people talking about jumping ship from Canon to Sony and Nikon if they didn’t up their game. With this release and hopeful releases of some upgrades to the predecessors, have Canon done enough to keep up with competition, and keep the Canon Community Happy.  

Firstly, Here are the release videos of Canon’s 1D X Mark II and Nikons D5  

Canon 1D X Mark II


Nikon D5


Both have impressive video’s, but in all the awesomeness, you may have struggled to keep up with the specs. Here are some comparisons to the cameras to sink your teeth into. One by Peta Pixel and one by Photography Life

They both have some Key Features, with Nikon Leaping in front of terms of battery life, ISO Sensitivity, Low Light and LCD resolution; However Canon have them pinned to the wall with their Colour Metering, Continuous Shooting, In Built GPS and Video resolution. The latter being that Nikon can only record 4K (3,840×2,160) up to 30 fps for three minutes, whereas Canon is 4K (4,096×2,160) up to 60 fps for 29 minutes (depending on card size).  

Maybe it’s time for us all to get saving for one and test them out…